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Queen's Scholarship Pageant

Queen Scholarship Pageant 2022

2022 Fayette Co Fair has come in with a bang with one of the biggest crowds on opening night!The highlight was crowning a new Fair Queen, Jr Miss, Little Miss and Little Mister.

This year Season Ticket sales were $105,390! Total sales from all carnival tickets and season tickets for 2022 Jr Miss and Queen Contestants: $166,880.60 This is most sales of a court and the Queen since 2015 when ZZ Top was the fair headliner! AMAZING! Winners are as follows-


2022 Little Miss Photogenetic Winner: Rylee Hentschel

2022 Little Mister Photogenetic Winner: Stockton Emshoff

2022 Junior Miss Photogenetic Winner: Brinley Freedman

2022 Queen Photogenetic Winner: Addisan Wagner


2022 Best Personality Little Miss Winner: Kynsley Schneider

2022 Best Personality Winner: Quinn Vasek

2022 Best Friend Jr Miss Winner: Nicole Vahalik

2022 Miss Congeniality Winner: Dulce Morales

Littles Results

4th runner up Little Mister Fayette Co: Quinn Vasek

3rd runner up Little Miss Fayette Co: Rylee Hentschel

3rd runner up Little Mister Fayette Co: Griffin Anderson

2nd runner up Little Miss Fayette Co: Gabrilla Rios

2nd runner up Little Mister Fayette Co: Landon Kasierski

1st runner up Little Miss Fayette Co: Hunter Denham

1st runner up Little Mister Fayette Co: Caston Beseda

2022 Little Miss Fayette Co: Kynsley Schneider

2022 Little Mister Fayette Co: Stockton Emshoff

Junior Results

Overall Total Carnival Ticket Sales from both the Jr Miss and Queen Contestants this year were $61,490!Carnival Ticket Sales sold this year by our 4 Jr Miss Contestants in their first year selling totaled $42,420!

3rd runner up Junior Miss Fayette Co: Delilah Mangis

2nd runner up Junior Miss Fayette Co: Nicole Vahalik

1st runner up Junior Miss Fayette Co: Brinley Freedman

2022 Junior Miss Fayette Co: Hailey Janish


2022 Miss Beauty & Poise Winner: Addisan Wagner

2022 Top Carnival Ticket Sales receiving a $500 Scholarship from Heart of America Shows with sales of $10,180 in Carnival Passes, representing the Francisco
“Paco” Orona Scholarship, Izela Cerda.

2022 3rd Runner up representing with sales of $13,620 representing the JOSE “PACO” ORONA SCHOLARSHIP, IZELA CERDA

2022 2nd Runner up with sales of $13,895.00, representing FLATONIA LIONS CLUB, ADDISAN WAGNER

2022 1st Runner up with sales of $23,170.00, representing OPTIMIST CLUB OF LAGRANGE, DULCE MERLOS

2022 Fayette Co Fair Queen with sales of $41,685.60, representing FAYETTE CO SHERIFF’S POSSE, TEAGAN BRANCH

Previous Fair Queens

  • 1979: Pam (Krenek) Orsak
  • 1980: Lisa Meinardus
  • 1981: Linda Muras
  • 1982: Theresa Wilkerson
  • 1983: Pam (Holub) Keilers
  • 1984: Denise (Ryza) Henderson
  • 1985: Tina (Jecmenek) Paxton
  • 1986: Jennifer (Landrum) Stewart
  • 1987: Kim (Fertic) Sharp
  • 1988: Brittani (Johnson) Roberts
  • 1989: Tammy (LaRue) Srubar
  • 1990: Sue (Urbanovsky) Smith
  • 1991: Kim (Meyer) Smidovec
  • 1992: Michelle (Muesse) Koehl
  • 1993: Crystal (Mersiovsky) Landry
  • 1994: Mandi Rainosek
  • 1995: Melinda (Kalmus) Zbranek
  • 1996: Krystal (Kalina) Dahse
  • 1997: Jamie (Harbers) Fabre
  • 1998: Brooke (Koether) Smith
  • 1999: B.J. Murphy
  • 2000: Ashley (Speckels) Virnau
  • 2001: Kristen Kalmus
  • 2002: Whitney McNaney
  • 2003: Diane (Cernoch) Kasparek
  • 2004: Lindsey (Kleiber) Fojtik
  • 2005: Beth (Johnson) Buss
  • 2006: Paige Joost
  • 2007: Katelin (Wolff) Roecker
  • 2008: Arica (Keilers) Kolb
  • 2009: Addison Weiss
  • 2010: Brittany Fietsam
  • 2011: Memory Pinson
  • 2012: Brooke Wilder
  • 2013: Katie McCourt
  • 2014: Victoria Hopson
  • 2015: Brittany Brune
  • 2016: Brittany Weyand
  • 2017: Connor Menefee
  • 2018: Blayne Bippert
  • 2019: Michael-Leah Hart
  • 2020: Cierra Fitzpatrick
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